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Thai Parboiled Rice Specifications

Thai Parboiled Rice Specifications

Thai Parboiled Rice Specifications

The specifications for Thai Parboiled rice are specified as follows:

Parboiled rice 100% Sortex

shall have Grain classification, Grain composition and Milling degree as follows:

Grain classification, comprising of:

– Long grain Class 1 and Class 2 combined not less than 60.0%, the rest shall be Long grain Class 3.

– Of all these there may be Short grain not exceeding 10.0%

Parboiled Long Grain Rice

Grain composition, comprising of:

– Whole kernels not less than 80.0%

– Brokens having the length as from 5.0 parts onward but not reaching 8.0 parts not exceeding 4.0%. Of this there may be brokens having the length not reaching 5.0 parts and not passing through sieve No. 7 not exceeding 0.5%, and Small parboiled brokens C1 not exceeding 0.1%

– The rest shall be Head rice having the length as from 8.0 parts onward.

Rice and matter that may be present:

– Red kernels and or Undermilled kernels not exceeding 0.5%

– Yellow kernels not exceeding 0.25%

– Black kernels not exceeding 0.1%

– Partly black kernels and Peck kernels combined not exceeding 1.5%, of

which Partly black kernels shall not exceed 0.5%

– Damaged kernels not exceeding 1.0%

– Glutinous rice not exceeding 1.5%

– Paddy not exceeding 3 grains per 1 kg. of rice

– Undeveloped kernels, Immature kernels, Other seeds and Foreign matter

either singly or combined not exceeding 0.2%

Milling degree: Extra well milled

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