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Special Benefits of Evaporated Milk

Most people don’t know the exact difference between evaporated milk and condense milk. However, there is basically no difference between them, except when sweetener is involved. Evaporated milk that has been sweetened is automatically considered a condensed milk. When condensed milk is not sweetened it is known as evaporated milk. The process to make either […]

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The Different Rice Production Processes

White rice has the hull and bran removed during the polishing process, diminishing its nutritional content but refining its taste. In the USA, for example it is required that this rice to be generally enriched by law, with nutrients like riboflavin, calcium, niacin, and iron added. Brown rice has just the hull removed, so it […]

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Whole Evaporated Milk Specifications

Technical Specification Sheet Definition: Whole evaporated milk is 100% pure cow milk, which has been concentrated by evaporation and/or the addition of milk solids and then sterilized. It has been pasteurized and homogenized, in addition to being supplemented by Vitamins A and D. The container is made of tinplate designed in compliance with health standards. […]

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