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American Rice – Parboiled

What is Parboiled Ricelegroup-industries-le-group-americain-alfallah-rice-royal-grain-arroz-brazil-export-usa-imitation-parboiled-rice

The word parboiled originated in English and it is derived from the agglutination of partial + boiled, which means “partially boiled.” It is not glued or waxed rice, as many think.

The parboiling process is based on the hydro-thermal treatment which paddy rice is subjected to, and it is solely executed by the action of water and heat without any chemical agent.

The parboiling process is performed through three basic operations:

  1. Water-logging: paddy rice is placed in tanks with hot water for a few hours. In this process, the vitamins and minerals that are in the seed peal penetrate into the grain as it absorbs water.
  2. Gelatinization: Main Process
    – Wet rice is subjected to a higher temperature under steam pressure, causing a change in the structure of the starch. At this stage, the grain is more compact and the vitamins and minerals are fixed inside.
  3. Drying: The rice is dried for subsequent stripping, polishing and selection.
    Its advantages are:

Rich in vitamins and minerals due to the parboiling process;
When cooked, is always fluffy;
Yields more when cooked;
Requires less oil in preparation;
It can be reheated several times maintaining its properties;
High degree of hygiene during processing;
Preserved longer.

Branding and Packaging

For Retail:

  • POLYETHYLENE BAGS5legroup-industries-le-group-americain-alfallah-rice-royal-grain-arroz-brazil-export-usa-imitation-parboiled-rice4
  • 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 5kg, 9kg, 10kg ( 2lbs, 4lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs)

For Wholesale and Food Service

  • 25kg, 40kg, 50kg, (40lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs)

Origin & Pricing

Rice prices change on a weekly basis. We source our rice from the United States, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam.

The prices below are guideline prices. Definitive pricing will be provided at the time of order.

Food variety Item Package Price Quantity TEU size 1 Container
Parboiled Long Grain Rice 1kg, 5kg or 10kg $    699.00 24,000 kg 20′ $16,776.00
Parboiled Long Grain Rice 25kg or 50kg $    599.00 26,000 kg 20′ $15,574.00


  • Grain classification, comprising of:
    • legroup-industries-le-group-americain-alfallah-rice-royal-grain-arroz-brazil-export-usa-parboiled-rice-sidewaysLong grain Class 1 and Class 2 combined not less than 60.0%, the rest shall be Long grain Class 3.
    • Of all these there may be Short grain not exceeding 10.0%
  • Grain composition, comprising of:
    • Whole kernels not less than 80.0%
    • Brokens having the length as from 5.0 parts onward but not reaching 8.0 parts not exceeding 4.0%.
    • Of this there may be brokens having the length not reaching 5.0 parts and not passing through sieve No. 7 not exceeding 0.5% and Small parboiled brokens C1 not exceeding 0.1%
    • The rest shall be Head rice having the length as from 8.0 parts onward.
  • Rice and matter that may be present:

    Also available in 25kg and 50kg

    • Red kernels and or under-milled kernels not exceeding 0.5%
    • Yellow kernels not exceeding 0.25%
    • Black kernels not exceeding 0.1%
    • Partly black kernels and Peck kernels combined not exceeding 1.5%, of which partly black kernels shall not exceed 0.5%
    • Damaged kernels not exceeding 1.0%
    • Glutinous rice not exceeding 1.5%
    • Paddy not exceeding 3 grains per 1 kg of rice
    • Undeveloped kernels, immature kernels, other seeds and Foreign matter either singly or combined not exceeding 0.2%
  • Milling degree: Extra well milled

 25kg Bags

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