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Feed the Poor - Sint Marteen

Feed the Poor of Sint Marteen – DONATION CAMPAIGN

Feed the Poor of Sint Marteen – DONATION CAMPAIGN

Please see with your group of friends, two things:

1)      This campaign to donate rice in the Caribbean is open to be modified or adjusted as we see the response from the donnors.

feed the ppor Hurricane LEGroup USA sint marteen phillipsburg

2)      If you can put 5 dollars independently of anything, it helps to get more people together, you can sign with your initials only if you want privacy, whatever you want.

3)      We will select from at least the donors to be drawn. I’m going to make a system that will get all the donors identified and I’m going to do a lot, by number. Like if 500 donors were the donors, I’ll get a bag with 100 numbers and put three together until I give the 3 digit number that will be the lot. I’m going to use the $ 20,000, about 1000-3000 dollars (depending on the location of the person) for that person to come to the Caribbean to work with me for 1 week and distribute the rice. Some 7 days is enough, if the person wants, but I will offer.

feed the ppor Hurricane LEGroup USA sint marteen phillipsburg

The case for this rice to be in inventory is very simple to understand if you are not afraid of reality. Last year, my company was looted on the internet, as I’ve told you on several occasions. Within the problems all caused, I managed to recover these 25 thousand kilos of rice that went to this island. I thought it was a simple problem to solve and I went to the island for that. But no … it’s worse than I imagined. The island is dominated by drug trafficking and was destroyed by a hurricane last year (sister hurricane). The needy population is happy, fun, but lives in poverty. They are better than in neighboring Haiti, but they are very poor and they are trapped in the upper middle classes who only care about status, appearances and pretend not to be poor, but they are also and do not want to pay for anything, they have pressed me for months to give the rice for them … only the question is:

1)      We can not give the rice because we do not have $ 20,000 left, quite the contrary, this shipment to the Caribbean has only brought us debts and problems

feed the ppor Hurricane LEGroup USA sint marteen phillipsburg

2)   We will not give to a corrupt high middle class of a poverty-stricken country that is going to RESELL the product locally and dearly (world famous problem, because charitable organizations have so much problem in poor countries).

3)      The only option is to donate rice directly, as we did when I was on the island, donating to popular restaurants and the red cross and selling the cost price and ignoring the very high local cost to sell.

4)      It costs $ 200 per day to sell 5 packages. That is, if each package is worth $ 20, it costs me about $ 200 per day, sell only 4-5 packages, for various marketing issues and for being a chaotic market. There is no product on the shelves today and there are still problems and people are still migrating.

5)      We accept suggestions to dispatch the rice to neighboring islands with even more poverty, but 25,000 kilos of rice and little food for an island. In 1 week, it’s all gone.

feed the ppor Hurricane LEGroup USA sint marteen phillipsburg

It is white rice and the only reason to ask the international community to pay and I distribute it locally is that the local upper class is either broken and out of money or the ones who have are mostly thieves or drug dealers who just don’t care or have any empathy for the poverty and dirt around them. Their focus is not so different from today’s French elite: to have a Louis Vuitton handbag and a Red Ferrari in the garage is the goal of life. This is the world in 2019 and what most of the current leaders of the world focus nowadays unfortunately. Anyways, I hope you can donate and we give this rice away for poor people in need. We are already giving it away much cheaper than what it would cost locally.


Augustin Caceres

VP of Operations for LEGroup Industries Speaks fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

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