Bring Civilisation Back TRUST by LEGroup

Bring Civilisation Back TRUST by LEGroup

Bring Civilisation Back TRUST by LEGroup

LEGroup is a well established enterprise with three locations: Florida, United States, Ireland, European Union, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. In 12 years of history, the company has generated over 200 million dollars on businesses worldwide which all of them establish a relationship with the United States and other countries in the world, such as Libya, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Sint Marteen, Vietnam, Uruguay, Togo, Kenya, Italy, and several others as specified in this advertising at Gulfood 2018:


All this global experience combined with additional 15 years of the companies’ owner and founder Mr. Augustin T. O’Brien Caceres, LEGroup has experienced and witnessed all the dramatic changes that happened on the western civilization during the last decade of the 1000′ millennium and these first two decades of the years 2000, living this time in history called by experts in human sciences as the death of the western civilization. Process that Mr. Augustin considers as finished now and that we can confirm that the Western Civilisation is already dead, who is older than 40 years now in 2020, can still describe the final days and a bit to younger generations about how it used to be when the Westerners used to exist but the process is fully finished now and what used to be the Western World can be considered dead today, in 2020.

First of all, for those who do not know, the Western Civilization used to be that society originated in Europe in the past thousands of years and comprised by the mix of different European tribes, the Romans of the south and the Celtics and the Vikings of the north of Europe. Those people created a very famous civilization which sometimes is called Europeans, or Whites, or Westerners. During all the history, that started as one with few tribes and one similar language, the civilization expanded, generating a lot of different sub civilizations but with similar language, such as what is now Polish, Russian, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, etc. This civilizations were also divided into big empires that existed, such as the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the Austrian Empire, and even the recent case of an outside Europe based empire, but still western, which was the American Empire that used to exist specially in the 1900’s.

Unfortunately or fortunately, time will tell in the future if it was a good or a bad thing for the western civilization to die and go extinct but it seems that the current death of the west was initiated in 1913 when the Rothschild family purchases the American Central bank, and turned it into a private owned business but forgot to remove the United States of America name of the bill and most important of all to remove the picture of George Washington from the dollar bill and substitute it by Edmund Rothschild as he is the new owner for over 100 years now, which is considered by some historians as the largest case of fraud of all times.

When we classify this case as fraud, we refer to the fact that until that time humans would be very genuine, they would mean what they say but not after the Rothschild dollar till now. Since 1913, over and over the linguistic problem of being one thing and saying something different has been increasing and this is what resulted in the current collapse of the western civilization we faced on these past decades. What used to be the Roman Empire, the Celtic Empire, the British Empire, the American Empire, etc, one day, nowadays is in several times still western looking and even the buildings and the remaining castles can still be visible but as a civilization the West is already dead.

Just like the Roman empire, the Western Civilization collapsed in years of corruption, fraud, defamation, slandering, and now most of former western countries have been turned into this new society that we call globalized or mixed or international but without any precise history or culture or people or location that justifies their union despite economic needs, etc but still does not have elements to be even considered a civilization anymore.

But anyways, let’s think positive as always. Based on this new scenario LEGroup has created the new trust called: ‘Bring Civilization Back’. This new trust idea is to offer the option for those who still want to have a lifestyle, and economy, in what we used to call civilized no that long ago. Yes, believe it or not, in the United States, in Argentina, in Italy, in Ireland and even in extensive parts of South Africa, we used to call civilized to values and habits that today are only understood by minorities.

For this reason and others, a group of what we call survivors are getting organized and trying to establish our own parallel society where we are going to maintain western values, relations, and values until some option of restablishment occurs, or not, but at least we try to postpone our extinction.

For those who don’t know the times in history we lived in the past 5 centuries gave to us a false illusion that the Western Civilization is very important but that was 500 years ago. In the 1500’s, 1/3 of the population was European, not anymore. Now it is only 11% and most of humans only see western related people or items as a symbol of status, they do not even recognize westerners as other people, with different values.

But on this process, we have established the BCB Trust. Bring Civilization Back Trust is a product of LEGroup which is more related to services, not to items or objects themselves but still related. This means we are managing our sales the same way they used to be until the 90’s, before globalization and the the collapse of the west.

The number one reason the Western Civilization collapsed was its higher costs than other countries habits and values. This means, having clients for dinner, eating different types of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, not working on Saturdays and Sundays, using cutlery to eat and lots of other habits and cultures which are considered costly.

Our Trust is conducting the following actions:

  • assistance to survivors;
  • activities of reborn for those interested in learning;
  • legal assistance for victims of mainstream still in these years of hybrid existence that causes confusions for those who are not aware still that the western civilization is already dead as it happened to Augustin himself in the 2010’s specially;
  • assistance to western oriented communities not only in the USA and in Europe but also to the minorities across the world;
  • assistance in the perseverance of western citizenship and establishment of rankings of current western countries, where we can use examples of sanctuary cities and countries such as Argentina or Portugal that used to be western but are not anymore;
  • assistance of Western Royal Families and other Western related Political Parties not only in the USA and in Europe but all across the world;
  • respect and perseverance of French Revolution and American Civil War values of Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity under a western environment and its translations into exports to other countries.

These polices will be conducted primarily in direct relation with the products we commercialize for example. We have the case of slate for example. We conducted the transference of this industry from Italy to Brazil in the early 2000’s and we thought we would be developing Brazil but the economy ended up trapping us into a situation where Brazil now is imposing non western values to Italy and to the USA and our costs of keeping the business active and established in the West is incurring in lots of additional costs and we part of our project is to reverse this process and one of the methods is to cover the additional costs of producing in Europe and shipping to the USA covered by the trust. The additional costs will include western habits such as inviting customers for dinner and even holidays for Christmas for example.

Most of our campaigns are being held on a mouth to mouth basis and over the internet primarily by the Youtube channel novel called: BCB Trust by LEGroup, this is the link for the first chapter which was aired today:

It is a lot of work and we are all very excited at least in survive and move ahead without the need to change and adapt to new cultures which the funniest thing of all westerners do not want to and other people want to. As a conclusion, the Western Civilization was destroyed because it was expensive to maintain but it is still the most popular civilization and the entire world still wants to visit Europe and behave like western, etc but our target is to explain the costs and the changes involved for those who are willing to survive, convert, or reborn!

Join the team! Make your contribution to us by any means you want and contact us at: and have in mind and our slogan which was taken at a restaurant in Tennessee last year: “There’s no way to climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”.

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