Trust to Bring Back Civilization


BCB Trust on Politics:

Whilst we can sympathize with nationalist parties and activists with surface-deep support and empathy, we are in fact capable of doing far more in regards to helping them gather momentum.

As it stands, many nationalist groups find themselves facing down seemingly insurmountable odds, facing ideologies and groups backed by multi-billion dollar corporations on a global scale-these groups have the resources and finances to throw an immense amount of weight behind their preferred parties.

Nationalist groups are comparatively grassroots, and often struggle to match the sheer volume of resources and funding that their political opponents have at their disposal.

For this reason, LEGroup created BCB: BRING CIVILIZATION BACK trust, which will be the main source that will allow us all to put in practice what we are all aiming to in order to preserve our culture and brighter and better world we aim for the future.

Some of the ways in which we can provide help to these individuals and organisations include:

– Providing supervision and moderation to their work and activism, acting as a guiding hand for those lacking either the experience or confidence we have;

  • – A basic monthly income in the form of either subsidies or donations, to provide a financial safety net which gives them a foot in the door of modern politics;
  • – The resources which allow for better Public Relations; venues for meetings or speeches, studios for the creation of media and the providing of catering or other everyday essentials;
  • – Media Equipment allowing them to produce content at a level of quality which will be respected in the political sphere;
  • – General legal advice when necessary.

Many of the services and subsidies we provide can be split into 3 main categories, which are: Operational, Legal, and Commercial.

The founding of this fund and structuring of our support and the logistics involved will be managed on this basis, with the potential for a fourth category relating to media content.

don’t forget to e-mail us your details at:

…have in mind: “there’s no way to climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” as they say in the deep south.