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Whole Evaporated Milk Specifications

Whole Evaporated Milk Specifications

Whole Evaporated Milk Specifications

Technical Specification Sheet

Definition: Whole evaporated milk is 100% pure cow milk, which has been concentrated by evaporation and/or the addition of milk solids and then sterilized. It has been pasteurized and homogenized, in addition to being supplemented by Vitamins A and D.

The container is made of tinplate designed in compliance with health standards. The ingredients are Whole milk, disodium phosphate, carageenan and Vitamins A and D.

Percentage Composition

Fat 7,5%

Non fat solids 17,5%

Total solids 25,0 %

Characteristics of the Product

Americaim Milk for Middle East Evaporated Milk

Americaim Milk Private Label for Middle East


Color White cream to light cream

Odor Characteristic of evaporated milk

Taste Characteristic of evaporated milk

Aspect Uniform liquid


Requirement Limits Recount of aerobic mesophilic microorganisms (ufc/g) Less than 10


Fat (%) 7.5

Minimum Total Solids (%) 25

Minimum Acidity (expressed as % lactic acid) 0,45 minimum

Viscosity to 25ºC (cps) 20,0 – 40,0 minimum

Net weight 170g/410g

Presentation Containers

The containers are made of electrolytic tinplate consisting of one thin and flexible low-carbon steel sheet, lined with a very thin layer of tin, with internal varnishing, that complies with health standards, used specially for food products. It comes in 170 and 410 g containers. Packing Cartons containing 48 tins of 410 g each. Cartons containing 96 tins of 170 g each.

Instructions for Use

Evaporated milk can be consumed diluted with boiled water to taste, and it can also be used in the preparation of desserts, ice creams and a variety of meals. Conservation The product does not require refrigeration. When kept in a fresh and dry environment, the useful life of the product is 15 months. Once the container is opened, the product must be refrigerated.

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