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What’s Premix?

What’s Premix?

What’s Premix?

Premix is a combination of the following ingredients : MAIZE, SORGHUM, PEELED SUNFLOWER SEED, SOY CONCENTRATED, MAIZE GERM, DEACTIVATED SOY BEAN,  SOY EXPELLER, SOY FLOUR, SOY PELLET, SUNFLOWER PELLET used for animal feed. We can supply directly from Argentina to anywhere in the world. Product goes in containers.

Following are the options available:

soybean-processing-machine, soybean-machinery, argentine-farms

Machinery at Soybean mill in Argentina

CP 36-36

ACDP 36P flour is a PREMIX with the following nutritional values:

•Minimum content of crude protein: 36 %
•Minimum content of ether exctract: 6%
•Maximum content of crude fiber:  6 %
•Maximum content of minerals: 6 %
•Maximun moist: 10 %
•Calcium content: Min  0,3%. Max 0.1%
•Phosphorus content: Min.0.05 % Max 0.6 %
•Disp. Phosphorus content: Min.0.05 % Max 0.08 %


CE 3500-E

CE 3500 flour is a PREMIX with the following nutritional values:

•Minimum content of crude protein: 9 %
•Minimum content of ether exctract: 4 %
•Maximum content of crude fiber: 4 %
Soybean-mill, Argentina soybean farm, silos

Silos at soybean mill in Argentina

•Maximum content of minerals: 5 %

•Maximun moist: 12.5 %
•Calcium content: Min  0,04%. Max 0.15%
•Phosphorus content: Min.0.3 % Max 0.5 %
•Disp. Phosphorus content: Min.0.09 % Max 0.2 %

Our Production Facilities are located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Grain Collection: We have 4 silos with a storage capacity of 5000 MT, facilities for classification, storage of raw material, and manufacturing of premix.

Mill: Two mills located in Buenos Aires province that allow production of 4000 MT of Soy Oil per month.

Bean Deactivating: This unit uses a steam process to deactivate soybean, around 4000 MT per month.

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