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Saint Augustine town is the first European settlement in the entire United States of America

  The oldest European settlement in the USA Por Agustin Cáceres • 16 Janeiro, 2011 • ESTADOS UNIDOS DA AMÉRICA, SAINT AUGUSTINE • Comentários (4) •   It was a surprise to find out that the oldest town in the United States has the same name of the saint that inspired my mom to name myself when I was born: Saint Augustine. […]

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The 10 commandments of Logic

1) Thou shall not attack the person’s character, but the argument. (Ad hominem) 2) Thou shall not misrepresent or exaggerate a person’s argument in order to make them easier to attack. (Straw man fallacy) 3) Thou shall not use small numbers to represent the whole. (Hasty generalization) 4) Thou shall not argue thy position by […]

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