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TECHNICAL SHEET OF PRODUCT CAMOLINO CALROSE Revision: 3 Date: 20-02-2017 Code A1016 Product Calrose Camolino Rice Medium Grain Presentation 1 kg pp bag Brand LEGroup 1º. PRODUCT CHARACTERIZATION A) Quantity Composition:  100% Carolino B) Cooking Instrucions Cooking time 13 to 18m approximately C) Storage Conditions:  Keep in a cool and dry place D) Organoleptic Caracteristic […]

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What’s Camolino Rice?

Camolino is the most recognized variety in the world. It is the most popular of the medium grain rice varieties, making up a very large portion of the annual global rice crop. The grains are soft and stick together when cooked. It absorbs flavors beautifully and holds together well in soups in salads. This versatile […]

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