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How To Cook Rice

Rice cooing varies based on the variety of rice you are cooking. These are the generic instructions about how to cook these different options: Long grain rice cooks up most separate and fluffy if the grains are sautéed in a small bit of oil or butter until some of the grains start to look slightly […]

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The Different Varieties of Rice

There are several different varieties of rice. They differ in amounts of nutrition and the type of starch, which are amylase and amyl pectin. Amylase is a long type of starch, a straight starch molecule that does not gelatinize during cooking, so the rice variety which contains more of this starch tends to cook fluffy, […]

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Benefits of parboiled rice

Healthy Parboiled rice does not contain cholesterol as most of the products of vegetable origin. Its amid is easy to digest and it is a strong source of energy. Nutritious and Tasty Before polished our rice goes into a process of parboiling which makes the vitamins and the minerals move from the husk to be […]

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Что пропаренный рис?

Слово пропаренный возникла в английском и он является производным от агглютинации частичной + вареное, что означает “частично вареными.” Это не клеится или воском рис, как многие думают. Пропарки процесс основан на гидро-термической обработки котором риса подвергается, и она выполнена исключительно под действием воды и тепла без какого-либо химического агента. Пропарки процесс осуществляется с помощью трех […]

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What’s parboiled rice?

The word parboiled originated in English and it is derived from the agglutination of partial + boiled, which means “partially boiled.” It is not glued or waxed rice, as many think. The parboiling process is based on the hydro-thermal treatment which paddy rice is subjected to, and it is solely executed by the action of water […]

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