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Colombia to Import 200,000 New Metric Tons of Rice in 2016

Colombia to Import 200,000 New Metric Tons of Rice…But From Where?  BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — Nearly one-third of Colombia’s provinces are in a state of emergency due to extreme drought caused by El Niño, prompting the Colombian government to allow additional rice imports to maintain adequate inventory. On December 22, 2015, Colombia’s Ministry of Agriculture published […]

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The United States of America is the largest producer of oil in the world and the country has approved licenses to export crude oil to Europe

The United States of America government has approved at least four licenses to export crude oil to Europe, for the first time in years, showing how companies are breaking through the limits of the export ban established in the 1970s, according to Reuters which learned about the fact from a Freedom of Information Act request. According […]

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What’s a 20′ container?

A shipping container is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and handling. In the context of international shipping trade, “container” or “shipping container” is virtually synonymous with  intermodal freight container, which means a container designed to be moved from one mode of transport to another without unloading and reloading. In our shipments of rice, […]

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