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Types of rice in the USA

The earliest types of rice grown in Carolina were the African Oryza glaberrima, Asian Oryza sativa, “Carolina White” and the prized, high-yield “Carolina Gold”. After the total decline of rice cultivation in Carolina, “Carolina Gold” cultivation moved to Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. In California, production is dominated by short and medium grain japonica varieties, including […]

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¿Qué es el arroz blanco?

Se llama arroz blanco al arroz molido desprovisto de la gluma (cáscara), el salvado y el germen. Este proceso se realiza para evitar la degradación del arroz y alargar su vida útil. Tras él, los granos quedan pulidos, con aspecto blanco brillante. Visite nuestro website para conocer la marca mas famosa de parbolizado del mundo! La operación de pulido elimina gran parte […]

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Thai Parboiled Rice Specifications

The specifications for Thai Parboiled rice are specified as follows: Parboiled rice 100% Sortex shall have Grain classification, Grain composition and Milling degree as follows: Grain classification, comprising of: – Long grain Class 1 and Class 2 combined not less than 60.0%, the rest shall be Long grain Class 3. – Of all these there […]

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Camolino Calrose Rice Specifactions Sheet

Medium Grain Rice Specifications These are the specifications for our premium rice Camolino Calrose produced in the beautiful country of Portugal. It is also available from Italy and Spain origins as well. Feel welcome to contact us for more details, samples, prices and packaging available. This rice has been awarded several prizes and certifications due […]

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Notification of Ministry of Commerce, Subject: RICE Standards B.E. 2540

NOTIFICATION OF MINISTRY OF COMMERCE Subject: Rice Standards B.E. 2540 ***************** For the sake of the appropriateness to the current situation of rice production and rice trade, By virtue of the provision under Article 4 (2) of Export Commodity Standards Act B.E. 2503, amended by Export Commodity Standards Act (No. 2) B.E. 2522, Minister of Commerce, […]

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