Imitation Cheese – Best Price – Best Quality

Imitation Cheese – Best Price – Best Quality



Broken corn is more elaborated than the whole grain. Because the corn or the maize goes into a precleaning process, previously prepared by centrifugal airflow and / or screens to extract strange materials. If necessary it is also applied an artificial heat for a drying and subsequent cooling to prevent the formation of fungi and microorganisms and thus also ensure optimal conservation.
Then stored at low temperatures and up to 14.5% moisture enters the cylinder side where they give you an understanding between two sharp metal rollers shaped grooves that spin in opposite directions at different speeds causing the breakage of the corn in irregular shapes with low dust presence and improving significantly its digestibility.

This is the main characteristics of our 100% Broken Maize:

· Humidity: 14.5%
· Protein content: 9.36%
· Fat content: 4.08%
· Fiber content: 2.40%
· Ashes content 2.46%
· Carbs content: 81.90%
· Energy: 3320 k/cal

ORIGIN: Buenos Aires port, Argentina
SHIPMENT: Bulk, loose, in 40´ containers.



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