new product available —-> RiCe fOr PeTs! <---- elbaliava tcudorp wen

new product available —-> RiCe fOr PeTs! <---- elbaliava tcudorp wen

new product available —-> RiCe fOr PeTs!
American rice for pets! 

Yes, we do have American rice specially produced under the Best quality and nutritious standards for your loved pets! Soon there will be complete information available on our website. Feel welcome to come visit us back soon! Samples will be available at our showroom at Gulfoods Dubai on February 23 to February 27, 2014. This means… Next Sunday! 🙂


American rice for pets!

American rice for pets!

…and here we have a receipt about how to cook our rice for your pet:

Creamy Rice receipt for your dog

Learn how to make this delicious receipt for you to offer it as a gift for the good behaviour of your pet. 

Receipt from the book Cão Gourmet, Cook Lovers Editors

Creamy rice for your pet to feel awesome!


1 soap spoon of olive oil
1 teacup of LEGroupIndustries PET Rice
1 teacup of grounded meat of any kind
½ teacup of celery
¼ teacup of fat free milk
1 teacup of spinach in slices


Rice for your pet!

How to cook it?

Heat the pan with olive oil on it and add rice. Cook it for two minutes, then add meat and celery. Stir for a little bit then add four teacups of water. Let the pan not fully covered in low fire until the water dries up. Same way you cook our rice for human beings. Turn off the fire, add milk first then the spinach in slices for them to combine with the rice. Let it cool down completely and serve it for your pet.  


American Rice for animal feed

Translated from

Revista Meu PET, Pampa Gringa, South America, 2012







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