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General facts about soybean production in Argentina

General facts about soybean production in Argentina

General facts about soybean production in Argentina

The combination of high production and low domestic consumption together with the easy and efficient export outflow through the Parana River make Argentina the world’s largest exporter of soybean oil, soy complex, consisting of beans, oils and meals, is the main foreign exchange earner for the country.

Export volumes in recent years show an increasing trend.

Exports of soybean oil, mostly crude degummed, reaching more than 50 countries. Asian nations account for most demand due to the significant growth of their economies and the great increase in consumption since they started from levels well below the world average.

soybeans in Argentina, planted-area-for-soy-beans-in-argentina, most important provinces where soybeans are produced

Planted area for soybeans in Argentina

The soybean first arrived in South America in Argentina in 1882 and today the country is the third top producer in the world with a production of over 50 million metric tons per year. By 2005, the top soybeans exporters were Argentina (39% of world soybean exports), United States (37%) and Brazil (16%), while top importers were China (41% of world soybean imports), European Union (22%), Japan (6%) and Mexico (6%). In the graph below you can see how the production in Argentina has increased fast compared to other countries in the past few years.

main producers of soybeans, world ranking of soybeans producers

Ranking and growth of the main soybean producers of the world

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