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Do you know how are rice grains grown and collected in the fresh farms of Americas?

Do you know how are rice grains grown and collected in the fresh farms of Americas?

Do you know how are rice grains grown and collected in the fresh farms of Americas?

Rice is one of the most beautiful crops in the world. The level of water is critical to the well being of the plant. Ideally, there should not be more than a 2″ variance in the depth of the water within a field. For this reason, men can see beautiful curving lines of levees around the rice fields all over the world. Winding terrace fields are formed in the following manner:

– start at the highest point of the field and then go out as far as possible without dropping more than two inches in elevation and make a levee;

– if the land is not flat, then the levee will not form a perfect circle or square. It will take its own winding shape;

– from that first levee, go out as far as possible and make another levee without dropping more than 2″ in elevation;

– continue in this manner throughout the field;

– pump water into the field of highest elevation;

– allow the water to flow over a level control gate into the next field and then the next.

The result, specially if you have hilly terrain, is a beautiful pattern of fields surrounded by winding levees.

Rice farming in Americas is the most advanced in the world and this is the process steps:

– Rice fields are leveled with lasers and shaped into large square fields with less than a 1′ difference in elevation;

– In the spring, large tractors, with disks that can exceed 20′ in width, till the soil to kill weeds and prepare a seedbed. This way the soil is leveled and fertilized. Some farmers roll small groves into the soil to give the seeds a location to settle during planting.

– Rice seeds are put in water for a couple of days to allow germination prior to planting;

– The seeds are then put in agricultural airplanes where they are dropped from the sky into the flooded fields;

– The airplanes use satellite guidance systems to mark their locations and assure perfect overlap on the seeding;

– The water level is then carefully raised over time to follow up the growing plant and prevent any weeds from growing in the rice;

– Any fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are applied by airplane.

– Several weeks prior to harvest, the water is pulled off and the land is allowed to dry;

– large combines with cutter bards over 20′ wide enter the field and cut the rice and thresh the rice;

– the straw is mulched and spread back onto the field;

– the rice is put in trucks and carried off to commercial dryers where it is dried in large column dryers and then placed in the paddy form into storage bins.

About the processing of the paddy rice and how it is transformed into our packaged rice is the continuation of the story and it will be here soon… Keep reading us at!

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