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Aerial View of Port Everglades and the Free Trade Zone

Premium rice, soy beans, vegetable oils, and sugar directly from the fresh farms of Americas

LE Group Industries USA is an entity located at the Port Everglades Foreign Trade Zone. Organized under the laws of Florida state and the United States of America federal governments, our company offices and warehousing offer the best products for your businesses.

A few words about us

LE GROUP INDUSTRIES currently is a pioneer in the consumable food product supplier business. We have dedicated employees providing innovative solutions, High Quality products, and great farmers that work closely to meet our client demands.

Proudtly a member of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

Proudtly a member of the FTL Chamber of Commerce

Our partnerships with local producers in the United States of America and in South America, gives LE Group an advantage that is unique in the industry.

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Our industry grows quite fast and the challenges to meet our buyer demands are higher than ever. We help buyers with a variety of options to meet the demand and maintain their growth without jeopardizing the product prices. We source the best packing materials, to make sure that they meet the highest safety, and always look after our world environment.

LE Group Brazil USA

LE Group Rice Mill and Parboilization Plant

With our experienced team, we can provide full service capabilities, such as Procurement, Buyer Agent, Global Logistics, FDA approvals, Banking, and Warehousing at a Foreign Trade Zone Location in the USA.

For any doubts or need of further information, please, contact us at sales@legroupindustries.com our at our contact us page.

Our Warehouse and Office at Port Everglades

Visit ‘Our Facilities’ page to have full pictures and further information about our locations, producing plant, and distribution center.









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