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Saint Augustine town is the first European settlement in the entire United States of America

  The oldest European settlement in the USA Por Agustin Cáceres • 16 Janeiro, 2011 • ESTADOS UNIDOS DA AMÉRICA, SAINT AUGUSTINE • Comentários (4) •   It was a surprise to find out that the oldest town in the United States has the same name of the saint that inspired my mom to name myself when I was born: Saint Augustine. […]

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Crossing the continental United States of America E to W on a yellow truck… for work! part II

Text is in Portuguese, but you can translate it into any language using Google Translator in this page or at  Atravessando a América pela Route 66 Por Agustin Cáceres • 24 Abril, 2011 • ESTADOS UNIDOS DA AMÉRICA, EXPERIÊNCIAS, VIAGENS DE CARRO • Comentários (7) • Foi muito simples começar essa viagem (entenda como tudo começou neste post). Foi apenas telefonar para uma locadora […]

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¡Happy Ramadan!

Today, July 8th, is the 21st day of Ramadan 2015. ¡HAPPY RAMADAN EVERYBODY! رمضان سعيد “قد تعبئة الل حياتك بالسعادة ضخمة ويأخذ كل الظلام، مع كل أفراح والسعادة و ورعاية أحبائك رمضان مبارك !! “ “May Allah fill your life with huge happiness and take away all The darkness, with all the joys and happiness […]

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