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***** Premium rice, milk, and cheese made the five star American way *****

Worldwide Supplier and Manufacturing

LE Group Industries is a food manufacturer and distributor located in in Florida, United States of America, with 10,000sqf warehouse. legroup-idustries-rice-mill-thailand-2017-ricemilling-legroup-le-group-rice-industries-production-truck-container

Built with the American Standards of Respect and Quality

Throughout our group of industries, we supply the following products:

Rice,  Evaporated Milk, Imitation CheeseSweet Corn, and Canned Tuna.

LE Group Industries manages the process of International Finance, Custom Clearance, Global Logistics, Banking, and Warehousing. We pride ourselves of making sure a high level of ethical standards is maintained.

We follow the traditional norms, procedures, and values of The United States of America.


we supply:  Camolino Rice – Evaporated Milk – Cheese – Long Grain Rice  

vegetable oils
evaporate milk