Premium rice, soy beans, laundry detergent & soap, cooking oils, and sugar directly from the fresh farms and the best factories of Americas


Built with the American Standards of Respect and Quality

LE Group Industries manages the process of International Finance, Custom Clearance, Global Logistics, Banking, and Warehousing worldwide. We pride ourselves in representing the Producers & Buyers to make sure a high level of ethical standards is maintained. We follow the traditional norms, procedures, and values of The United States of America.

Foreign Trade Zone at the Sea Port of Everglades

Foreign Trade Zone or FTZ is where imported or exported goods may be landed, Manufactured, Handled, and Reconfigured without intervention of the custom authorities. If you wish to import to the United States of America or Export worldwide from here or through here, we can source, pack, and store at our 10,000 square foot Armed Guard facility or handle it globally through our headquarters in Broward.

we supply:  Sugar - Cooking Oils - Milk & Cheese - Rice - Soya Beans – Soap & Detergents

vegetable oils
evaporate milk