Premium foods made the five star American way

Worldwide Manufacturing

LEGroup Industries is a food manufacturer and distributor located in Florida, United States of America, and in Ireland, Europe. legroup-idustries-rice-mill-thailand-2017-ricemilling-legroup-le-group-rice-industries-production-truck-container

Built with the American Standards of Respect and Quality

Throughout our group of industries, we supply the following products:

Rice,  Evaporated Milk, American Cheese, Fruit Jams, and Canned Tuna.

LEGroup Industries manages the process of International Finance, Label Designs, Production Procedures, Custom Clearance, Global Logistics, Banking, and Warehousing.

We pride ourselves of making sure a high level of ethical standards is maintained.


we supply:  Camolino Rice – Evaporated Milk – Cheese – Long Grain Rice  


vegetable oils



evaporate milk